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Comedy Remote Control Snake Unit

By Frank Paris


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Frank Paris Has developed An Electronic Comedy Snake Basket unit that fits in a box, basket, or other enclosure suited to your show. This device has been created by Frank Paris The snake is presented to the audience, and he (the snake) is asked to find a chosen card selected by a spectator, in the process the snake and the deck of cards are placed into a box, basket or what ever enclosure you are using for the snake unit. After much bi-play the Performer finally gets the snake to come out of the basket and sure enough the snake has a card in his mouth, but sadly it is the wrong card. Again the performer sends the snake down into the basket to look again and this time the snake comes up with the right card in his mouth. Now you can imbellished this routine with all kinds of additional items you can add a half eaten wrong card to the unit, you can place a remote control card fountain in with the unit. ( they can be found on the net, or ebay) The card fountain can shoot a shower of cards out of the box or basket you are using. You can buy a bag with a moving ball in it to place the duplicate snake that comes with the unit ( do a google search on cat in the bag) so as to make it look like you are using a real snake in a bag. This prop has many potential performance applications.

This is a fully assembled out of the box ready to use electronics unit with a rising and lowering snake and extra snake and a built in card tray for the snake to pick up multiple cards half eaten cards or what ever you might like to place in the tray. (You may have to modify the tray to pick up other things) Have the snake rise up with the wrong card send him down for another and it is half eaten send him down a third time and the snake finally comes up with the right card. You can place the Unit into any enclosure of your choosing. Unlike Khyber Kobra (which I sing the praises of) This unit is totally controllable by you or one of your assistant in the audience or back stage. A code word from you and your assistant raises the snake another code work and your assistant lowers the snake (as high or as low as you want)

So far in test sampling responses by magicians, The unit has met with great favor and excitement reviews have placed the Snake Basket electronics in the same category as the original Khyber Kobra mechanism with regards to Quality, and reliability. The Electronic Snake mechanism is completely remote control and uses a state of the art rugged milspec (military specifications) miniaturized remote transmitter and rubber ducky receiver system for maximum transmission of up to 500 feet.

The unit is very compact and lightweight (under 2 lb's approx.), it is battery operated (12 Volt DC using 8 replaceable 1.5 volt Pen light batteries in a battery pack configuration. ). This allow you to use the unit in any enclosure without plugging it in. Place the snake into a small waste basket, a box or anything that will hold the unit Thus giving your Snake your own personnal show theme. At last all of the people that have been waiting for the new Khyber Kobra Snake basket from collectors workshop to come out, now have an opportunity to own their own Rising/lowering Snake out of the Basket for around 50% less than the Original Khyber Kobra will cost when it is available.

The apparatus is made from the latest state of the art electronic components, and uses state of the art Programmable remote system electronics for worry free operation. This means no interference from Wireless mics or any other electronic systems. You will love the simplicity of this system. All of the components can easily be maintained and replaced by even a lay person. You buy it once from us and than if something needs to be replaced you can do it yourself from components that easily snap on and off (supplied by us) No need to send it back and wait weeks for repair. Limited quantities are available buy yours today.

These units are extremely labor intensive. Each snake head is made from The best Wood Money can buy (Poplar Hardwood), It is Shaved into snake head form by hand and the process takes over 3 to four hours. Each Head is than given 10 coats of High Gloss Paint over a 4 day period. The snake Body Sleeve is rugged and will last a lifetime. There are over 15 Components that make up your Snake Unit. Each assembled by hand and over 75 steps in the process of assembling your unit One unit takes over 12 man hours to assemble and test.

Please note:

The unit does not come with a basket, or any enclosure. ( any enclosure 14 inches high will hide the unit from view until you activate the remote control).

The unit comes with a snake head affixed to the unit, and an duplicate snake puppet like the original Khyber Kobra did.

The unit also comes with a built in snake tray for loading a number of cards for the snake to retrieve.

Unit Ships free World Wide.

Please Note Features:

Extra Performance Snake Puppet (included).

Snake operation up and or Down when Up down buttons are pressed thus allowing the snake to rise and fall at different heights.

Hold the up button and the Snake goes up until you release the up button.

Hold the down Button and the snake goes down until you release the button.

Programmable remote for frequency change. (RF frequency).

Remote works up to 200 feet from the snake unit.

Snake rises up to 3 feet Aprox. out of the basket.

Hold the button in the snake moves let the button go the snake stops.

Snake Head turns to present the card to the performer.

Unit comes with Performance suggestions.